Tired of Wasting Hours At The Gym?
Crank Up The Intensity and Enjoy The Ultimate Workout Experience With Fitness Kickboxing

This intense, workout experience is great for staying in shape while engaging with other driven men and women in your community. Have the time of your life while you punch and kick your way to a slimmer, stronger body. That’s what kickboxing is all about!

Are You Tired Of These Energy Draining Activities?

  • Expensive gym memberships that give you nothing but access to a facility
  • Clunky machines that only target one muscle group
  • Sparring partners that can’t keep up with your energy and passion
  • Personal training sessions that cost an arm and a leg but leave you feeling unfulfilled
  • DVDs and video training that promises insane results but just can’t deliver

If you’re tired of any of the energy sucking activities above, it’s time to take your exercise regimen to the next level!

Here’s How Kickboxing Knocks Out Other Workout Methods

It Targets The Entire Body

Kickboxing combines cardio, resistance, and interval training to make the most of your workout sessions. Rather than breaking up workouts by muscle group, kickboxing works the entire body to ensure fast and extreme results!

Intense Stress Relief

There’s no better feeling in the world than hitting a punching bag after a long day. Take out your frustration with an intense session that releases endorphins to make you feel unstoppable!

Achieve Your Ideal Image

Imagine finally working towards the body and self image you know you deserve! Tone your muscles and drop pounds of fat off your waistline with an exciting activity that will leave you feeling great!

And to top it all off, perhaps the most rewarding part is the incredible people you’ll share the room with! Network with motivated men and women and share an experience that sets you apart.

You can accomplish this too! Its just a matter of showing up, and following our fun classes.


I’ve never tried Kickboxing before. Do I need experience?

We realize that many of our students have never even seen kickboxing in action let alone have previous experience. Whether you’re trying kickboxing out for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of classes and improve at a pace you feel comfortable with.

What should I wear and what equipment do I need?

Feel free to wear anything comfortable and dress as if you were going to gym. We’ll provide the equipment and everything needed for an epic workout!

Will Kickboxing help me lose weight?

Statistics show kickboxing helps burn an average of 820 calories per hour! With a perfect mix of cardio, conditioning, and endurance; an intense workout is essentially guaranteed. Stay consistent with sessions and results will follow!

Do I need to be athletic to enjoy Kickboxing?

Classes are filled with people ranging in age, experience level, ability, and physical framework. We encourage all students to exercise at their own pace and participate in ways they feel comfortable with.

With the right mindset and never give up attitude, you’ll reach new heights in no time!

What if I decide Kickboxing isn’t for me?

We’re confident that you’ll love our program but in the event that you decide Kickboxing isn’t for you, rest assured knowing you’ll receive a full refund on trial packages.