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Silbers Martial Arts has been changing lives in Franklin Square, and the surrounding communities since 2001. Parents come to us because they are looking for their children to become more confident, more self-disciplined, and more respectful. Parents love that our dojo community is a place where their children feel safe to come out of their shell while being challenged to grow and improve. We are experts in balancing fun with discipline in a well-organized, high energy class-room experience. We believe that leading by example is the only way to lead.

Passionate Instructors Who Really Care.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is about our instructors. The men, women & children of our community just can’t get enough of their passion and enthusiasm. That’s because martial arts isn’t a “hobby” or something our instructors just “do on the weekends.” It’s something they believe in. Something that’s embedded into every area of their lives.

And our instructors can’t help but pass along this enthusiasm and passion onto every student they encounter. They’re motivational, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable. Have a question? A challenge? A problem? They’ve got you covered.

An Uplifting, Clean & Safe Environment.

Martial arts training requires weapons-handling, falling and landing on cushioned mats, and doing exercises and drills that require getting down on the floor. As such, we take great pride in keeping our matted floors impeccably clean, and our equipment safe and up to date. You’ll have no worries working with our equipment. And the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll notice that we take great care of our studio – because we want you to have a great experience here.


Entire families train with us here. Kids train with kids. Adults train with adults. Lots of our members live within walking distance of each other, and many are friends outside of our classes. The result: a close, family-like sense of community here. And the moment you join our classes, you’ll feel right at home with this community.

Students who have been training for a while help out the beginners. Exercises often require partners, and students take advantage of this to encourage and cheer each other on.

No one is competing with anyone else here. No one is trying to “show off” or “out do” the next guy. Everyone just wants to learn and grow and help each other out.




Kids Karate

Fun, exciting classes that teach your child self-defense, help them get in great shape, and most importantly… give them the tools they need for a happy, successful life.


Fitness Kickboxing

Learn to control this dominating martial art that combines western boxing with ancient eastern martial arts – and get in awesome shape at the same time…

Frequently Asked Questions

Will martial arts, karate, or tae kwon do make my kid violent?

No way! In fact, martial arts makes kids calmer and more respectful than ever. Martial arts always has been about peace, and it always will be.

Do kids get injured in martial arts, karate, or tae kwon do?

Sometimes. But the truth is, injuries are very, very rare here. We have a lot of measures in place to keep your child perfectly safe. In fact, safety is our #1 concern.

Is there a risk for injury with martial arts?

Supervision: Every class is supervised by trained, licensed professionals. We watch carefully to make sure no student is doing anything in a dangerous or unsafe way.

What level of fitness is required for martial arts?

People come to us of all fitness levels. We get natural-born athletes, and we get people who have a harder time with athletic endeavors. However, everyone gets the same focus and attention.

Are both group & private classes available?

Most of our members enjoy the group setting, but private sessions are available too depending on instructor availability.

How many people are generally in a group class?

Normally around 15-30, with more instructors added as class size grows.